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I just found a great article on pricing your craft work. I think that this is something that most of us struggle with; what the real cost of our craft is, what is reasonable to charge, what we think our products are worth. It’s very clear and concise, and is definitely worth taking a look at.

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Today I’m going into major edit mode with all of my listings. For a while, I was so concentrated on trying to get the stock up in my etsy shop that I wasn’t as concerned with how I was presenting myself. I wasn’t taking interesting pictures, or presenting things in a new or fun way, and that’s what I really love to do! So I decided to dive back into it and redo basically everything. Which will probably take days, but hopefully it will all be worth it! I want to be able to look at my page and be proud of everything that I have done, from the banner and the avatar down to every last item. And then I will spread the word far and wide about my shop!
I really want to make this shop work. It is something that I have wanted to do all of my life – make things! I think that etsy provides a great venue to really be able to make of it what you will. They provide the infrastructure, and you provide the creativity! I just hope that I can really make the most out of it that I possibly can.

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I have been on vacation for a week without access to any of my materials. I’ve been going nuts thinking up new ideas and not being able to implement them! I suppose this is where a sketchbook comes in handy, but I’ve never been much one to draw. I’m much better at making things than drawing them.

I’ve been thinking about taking the making things up a notch. Right now, all of my goods can be made easily indoors without a lot of mess or noise, but I think that I am ready for a bigger project. I’m thinking furniture. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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