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Friday Faves are back! I find way too many things on Etsy that I love and sometimes it’s nice to share them.

First up is ShySiren designs. She makes fabulous jewelery that really shows a lot of attention to detail. One of my favorites are her flower earrings that incorporate an acrylic flower complete with beaded stamens and all! I really love her color palettes and baroque findings. Plus they are reasonably priced! Can’t go wrong there. She also wrote a book recently for jewelry designers – check it out perfectmatchearrings.com!

I can’t believe that I had never heard of OnTheInside before now. She makes some really, really cute underwear! We all know how expensive that can get – not only is this reasonably priced, but it’s custom made to fit you and made by hand! How cool is that! Lots of fun patterns, great lace and wonderful colors, this should be the next stop on your shopping list.

Foundandmade has a great name, and some great products. I love anything made from vintage epherma so of course I love this shop. Great jewelry and artwork, but the best thing is the packaging! I love how much attention was paid to everything – not only do you get jewelry but a tiny piece of artwork to go with it!

I love men who aren’t afraid to sell on Etsy. Many people blow it off for being totally feminine, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. DavyJones is a perfect example of a guy making some great stuff who’s not afraid to show it off! I’ve always wanted to learn how to weave but DavyJones looks like he’s got the technique down! I love his earthy colors and his patterns that are reminiscent of menswear designs. I think that this would be a really cozy winter accessory!


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I know that everyone may well be sick of seeing so many stags around, but I still haven’t gotten over it yet. They’re so charming! And foresty! Living in the desert right now, I’m yearning for a bit of old world forest.A lovely new take on the stag theme is these sewn felt creatures from forestcreature. Available in different sizes, shapes and colors, these adorable felt creatures would look good on a mantelpiece with some interesting candlesticks, or perhaps on a bedside table keeping your pile of books comfortable.

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