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So I had the idea of using beanie babies and turning them into hunting trophies for a while, but I thought that it was a little too creepy, or something more interesting came up, or whatever.  Plus I had to track down all of the materials and do all of that fun stuff, so the project just kept getting put off and off.  Finally, I decided in a fit of “git-er-done” that I just had to do them, and I did it all in one big push.

I had originally wanted to put them all together in an art gallery of some sort for maxiumum visual impact, but I’m in a place that I don’t think would be terribly receptive to that kind of art.  So I thought, why not manipulate the internet to suit my needs?   I’ll just use my etsy storefront as a subsitute gallery space and see what happens.

The response was fairly overwhelming.  I got something like 2000 visits yesterday to my shop, which, trust me, is much more than usual, especially in one day’s time.  I found out that I got linked by cuteoverload.com (thanks!) so I think that’s what drove most of the traffic, but what I find interesting is that there is no way if I had an art opening in some big city that 2000 people would have seen my exhibit in one day.  Just wouldn’t have happened.  So even if nothing comes of all of this, it was a really great way to get some really good exposure!


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So yeah, I know it’s lame, but I like the inside of my envelopes to look as good as the outside!  And you know, if you’re going to go to the trouble of creating something that’s totally yours you might as well go all out.

As painstaking of a process as it is, I’m really liking the results.  Plus, I have such an enormous paper stash, I had to figure out a way to use it up somehow!  They’ll be available in lots of different patterns and themes so I think it should be fun.  Find them here if you’re so inclined.

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