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Apparently the guy’s from Denver, and I’m town, reading the paper (which I never do) and I see an article about this guy.  I tear the sheet out, because it instantly grabs me, and of course, promptly lose it.  I even forgot the name of the artist, and I’m too lazy to try to track things down on the internet, so I thought it was all over for me.

Denver has a great First Fridays art scene.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s the first friday of every month that the galleries throw their doors open and stock the counters with cheap booze and crackers and invite people in to look at art.  Me, I like going to make fun of it, but every once in a while something grabs you.  The area I was in isn’t exactly known for famous artists; it’s more the haunt of the up-and-coming.  But glory behold, I walked into a gallery I’d never been in before, and there it was.  Rex Ray.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been living in Arizona for a while now, or if everyone’s just so depressed they need a little bit of escapism, but I am loving the 60’s-swing thing that’s all around us nowadays.

I love the bright colors, the wonderful patterns and the irrepresible cheeriness of his works.  I had an opportunity to talk to the curator of the show for a few minutes, and he gave me the lowdown.

Apparently, the man hand-creates all of the papers you see in his “paintings”, and then meticulously cuts them out and applies them to these canvases.  It’s not so easy to see on your computer screen, but the texture and depth of these works is amazing.

Clearly, being able to afford one of these works is out of the question (some of the smaller pieces were going for $24k – yeah, not in this lifetime) but I did manage to pick something up.  He did a major installation at another Denver location and had wallpaper specially made for the wall.  It is apparently impossible to get, as it is way too expensive, but I did get a poster of a portion of the wallpaper, and it was signed!  That will have to do me for now.

I love him.  That is all.

Coming soon (I promise, I know)….some more wedding stuff, a blog redesign, and hopefully some more content.  Life is pretty crazy.  When it rains, it pours they say.

PS – a hilarious side note – my spell check wants to capitalize the word “internet”, and it refuses to acknowledge that blog is a word.  Excellent.

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