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I love shopping at thrift stores.  There’s so much history and so many stories contained in all of those objects.  Plus, I like discovering items that have been negelcted and undervalued that have some potential – it’s actually one of my favorite thigns on earth.  I’m not going to lie, there have definitely been a few projects that have been started with the best intentions and never quite made it to the finish, but its the one that makes it all the way that makes it all worthwhile.


When I found this sad little guy he was hidden under a thousand other things on a big table.  His legs were wobbly, his doors had fallen out, and he was all scratched up. This is one of the easier renovations I’ve done – a little bit of sanding, some wood glue and clamps, and several cans of awesome-colored paint, and voila!  A happy table.


I needed a bedside table of some sort, and I think this will do the trick!  Now all it needs is an awesome lamp and a stack of books and we will be good to go!


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