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Now that it’s become clear to everyone in my family (or general vicinity) that I like to make things, I get weekly deliveries of junk cleared out of closets and attics and garages. I think it’s wonderful. 40 year old yarn, funny antique magazines, all sorts of wonderful things. However I just received something even more wonderful than all of that old junk – my great grandmother’s button collection! She was definitely from another era, when it was important to save everything, and nothing was just disposable. My mother used to tel me stories about when she was little and she and her sister would sneak into her grandmother’s sewing closet to spend hours looking at these buttons. And somehow, I ended up with them when my grandmother moved!
However, the junk is starting to take over my house and I need to do something with all of these lovely things I
keep inheriting. So, I decided to make rings for my family out of them, so all of my aunts and sisters and cousins can have a piece of my Great Grandma Wanda with them. It’s a shame to see them just sitting in a bucket all alone! I loved the rings so much I decided to sell them on Etsy as well, to spread a piece of my grandmother’s legacy across the world! Check out my shop for the latest additions.


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