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These salt shakers came from the flea market this weekend.  I usually manage to make it out without buying anything, but these were calling to me.  So cute and woodsy.

The neighbors have some beautiful, giant, succulents in their yards.  I had to take the picture and get out before they thought  I was strange.

The absolutely adorable, thoughtful tag that came on my little pouch from Made By Hank.  I love tough ruffles.  I actually can’t say how much I love this little purse, it’s that great.  From opening the package to deciding what to do with it (I still haven’t decided).

It’s kind of depressing, all of the palm trees everywhere.  They’re beautiful, but they make you think you’re in the tropics and on vacation but wait…there’s no beach.  I guess a kiddie pool in the yard will have to do for now.

purseA strange picture of a new kind of knitting I’m working on.  This one’s a purse.  Thinking about listing it.  Thoughts?


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