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I’ve had the exact same bed frame since I was in the 3rd grade.  Sure, it may have been a little excessive for a 3rd-grader (albeit a big one) to be sleeping in a queen size bed, but I like to think that my parents had the foresight to realize that I was going to be a tall one and get only one bed that would last me for the rest of my life.  It was a typical light-wood-with-decoration deal (I think I most recently saw it on Everybody Loves Raymond – :sigh:) which suited me well as a child, as I had no taste.  In high school, I did a wicked-sweet faux finish on the thing and left it at that.  When I moved out of the house, the bed frame followed me, this time upholstered in white canvas.  After getting married I was hoping to move onto something a bit more…elegant, but alas, it’s followed me again.  Which leads me to my newest obsession – building a headboard.

bedI saw this awesome one in Ready Made a few years ago and it stuck in my head.  I’m still thinking about trying to do something like this, but I’m concerned that it may turn out to be a little too Urban Outfitters.  I like the concept though, especially sawing a side table in half for nightstands and using old lighting fixtures as lamps.  Problem is, we move a lot, and this baby doesn’t look easy to move.

I love everything West Elm has to offer.  They are affordable, stylish and modern, and I’m always into the really dark woods (light woods are too Ikea for me).  I love the simplicity of the top one, and the bottom one has a beautiful design.  However, I worry that the look would be too ethnic and wouldn’t age well.

Domino to the rescue!  They have some beautiful ideas for upholstered headboards that I think I could probably tackle if I took the initiative.  I’ve done far stranger things (car and motorcycle seats, for instance…) at least these are square.  Here’s a few more from their archives:

Now this one’s more my style.  Earthy meets modern.  And I love the yellow canisters.

These are the kinds of pretty things that I see in a magazine, and love, and then think about it for a little bit, still think it’s pretty, and decide that it’s a little too “done” for me – I like polish, but I’m not good at keeping it up.

What do you think?


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