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friday-faves-apr-17I don’t know if it’s your favorite time of the week but it’s definitely mine.  Haven’t had too much time to cruise Etsy this week so we’ll be relying on some of my all-time favorites.

This beautiful hair clip from Neva Plume is a twist on an old favorite.  I’ve always been a fan of peacock feathers for their vibrancy, but this clip takes the old standard and bleaches them out.  It’s a recognizable form in a new, hip color combo that I just can’t look away from.  It also looks spectacular in the model’s red hair.  I think this would be a nice piece for a vintage or alternative wedding.

I love this carousel picture from Bucks County Frames. I love old carnivals and games and all of the hoopla that goes with it – it makes me nostalgic for something I’ve never really seen!  There’s these little bits of human experience that I think are shared throughout the ages, and this reminds me of one of them.  As an added bonus, this great shop has other good photography but most importantly, frames!  Otherwise your prints just languish in a pile somewhere (like mine) hoping dearly to one day see the light of day.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been in love with handwriting.  I’ve changed mine more times than I care to mention, and have noticed that as time goes on, it grows to look more and more like my dad’s.  They say that handwriting is imprinted in your brain – if you learned how to write with your feet, apparently, your handwriting would look the same, eventually.  Not all of us have wonderful handwriting (either with our hands or our feet) but that’s where D Paulette comes in.  For a small fee, she’ll act as your scribe with her beautiful calligraphy!  The obvious use is for a wedding, but I’m still plotting ways to get my hands on some of that beautiful written work.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how much trouble Obama is getting into for not coming up with the perfect gift for visiting dignitaries.  And I’ve realized how hard it is to get a perfect gift for someone, especially someone you don’t even know!  When I’m pressed into coming up with a great gift, Urban Heirlooms always comes to mind.  This awesome shop stocks great leather accessories (wallets, keychains, etc) perfectly accented with an antique key.  Great for brothers, sisters, in-laws, or even strangers!

Thanks to this week’s artists – we all appreciate the great work that you do!


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Here’s my list of favorites for the week!

friday-faves-apr10Geninne has been one of my favorites for a long time.  She was recently a featured seller over at Etsy, and her blog and flickr streams are constant sources of inspiration for me.  She has the amazing ability to keep her creative spaces not only clean but beautiful!  Her prints reflect that same ability – clean, beautiful and modern.  Mostly she focuses on birds, but there’s some other great naturalistic pieces there as well.

Kjoo has this amazing ability to turn somewhat common craft items into beautiful textile jewelry.  I never knew that it was possible for felt and crochet to be so beautiful.  She definitely has an incredibly unique take on her craft, and anyone would be lucky to own one of her pieces.  I don’t see anything this great ever going out of style!  You can also visit her flickr stream for more up-t0-date inspiration.

The Ardent Sparrow is a great place to find inexpensive, yet beautiful and fun jewelry.  It definitely has a vintage feel, and most of her items I wouldn’t be surprised to find on sale at an Anthropologie somewhere – it definitely has the aesthetic.  She’s recently come back to jewelry making, and I say she hasn’t lost the skill!  You can check out her blog for more ideas and pictures.

Last up are the amazing prints from The Painted Lily.  She calls them “kaleidoscopic prints” and I would consider than an apt term for them.  Digitally created, they have the look of something more intensely hand-made.  There’s a depth and intensity that you don’t usually see in digital work.  She also incorporates vintage ephemera into her work, transforming it into something intricate and beautiful.   And the colors are lovely!

Thanks to this week’s artists for making such beautiful things!

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In the current economic climate, I’ve found myself shying away from purely aesthetic items to things that are a little more…practical.  Still beautiful, but at least I can justify the expense because it’s something that I can actually “use”.  So here are some of my favorites that I can see justifying right about now!

fridayfaves-mar271These vegetable bags from Wonder Thunder solve an ecological debate that I’ve had going on forever.  I hate the plastic bags that you get at the grocery store (talk about eco-guilt) but aside from lugging in your own containers, there’s really no practical way of buying bulk foods or veggies.  These solve the problem!  Plus they’ve got great style and are sure to make everyone smile.  Their shop has some other excellent, funny prints – I highly encourage stopping by!

I just recently stumbled across ekaminsk‘s shop, and I have to say, I am delighted.  Instead of trying to fruitlessly preserve your corsage or boutonniere, why not get something that will last forever, and will be far more unique than whatever you can get at the florist’s?  Lovely colors, beautiful details like pearls and jewels, and a big helping of feathers will set your big day apart.

Yeah, so, I’ll admit it.  I have a love for all things paper.  And these great notebooks from jedgell really scratch that itch.  My favorite time of year was always back-t0-school, but not because of school itself.  Buying school supplies was always so much fun!  New crayons, pencils, notebooks and the like.  Maybe I’m biased because my dad was in office supplies, but I can’t help what I love.  These pocket size notebooks are like a grown-up school shopping trip.  And best of all, you can justify it because, well, who doesn’t need to write things down?

These notebooks from Paper and Twine delight that part of me as well.  Although I love the grown-up touch of the Eames Rocker Chair (my notebooks always had Lisa Frank on them).  Plus the craft paper covers and lovely twine ties really give it that eco-feel.  And I’ll admit – I’m a bit of a sucker for the blackboard backdrop.

Thanks to this week’s lovely contributors!

Also, for those who are reading and interested, I set up a flickr group for the blog – if you’re a photographer, artist, crafter, collage artist, whatever, and would like the opportunity to be featured on this blog, please post your items to the group.  If I like what I see, you might just make it onto the blog!  Check out the group here, or click the get exposed button in the sidebar.

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mar20Here’s a list of favorites for this week!

I’ve always admired the work of Feaverish.   A welcome sight in the age of digital everything, his photographs are taken with various old formats of cameras – 35mm, polaroid, and the like.  I’ve taken a lot of photographs with an old 35mm camera that I love and there’s just no creating the sort of exposure that you can get with a real camera.  A collection of whimsical and everyday photographs mean that there’s something for everyone.

I read about Who Made It on someone’s blog (I can’t remember, sorry) but I was instantly struck by the originality of their products and the clever re-use of a material that we see everyday.  Their jewelry stands are the pinnacle of pretty shabby chic (I could see Anthropologie jumping all over this idea).  Since all of my jewelry ends up finding itself in containers all over the house, this makes clutter look classy.

I’ve been following Modesign since I first signed up for Etsy.  I love the interesting re-use of vintage lace.  The dye jobs are gorgeous and the interesting lace patterns are always paired with beautiful stones.  I think this would be great for someone who liked feminine things with a little bit of spunk.

Atelier BB has recently come to my attention.  I love handmade ceramics, and I love color, and she combines the two oh-so-well.  All sorts of cute little plates and interesting patterns and bright, happy colors.  This would be the ideal accessory for any kitchen (all of my plates and kitchenware is white and wood for a reason).

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fridayfaves-mar6It’s that time of the week again!

This week we’re staring with La Belle Savage.  She makes beautiful and unique jewelry using found, reclaimed and recycled epherma.  Whimsical, feminine and a tiny bit french, her jewelry is both elegant and surprisingly different.  Accordin g to her profile, many elements used in her jewelry come from her grandmother’s company that supplied jewelry to Vogue shoots in the 40’s and 50’s, so you can own a piece of history as well!

I just discovered William Dohman’s photography and other cool stuff.  Cool story – apparently, MC Hammer digs his stuff and tweeted about it!  That’s reason enough for me.  He has some beautiful travel photography, a genre which I’m definitely partial too.  He also makes some really cool birdhouses, and some excellent designs.  Plus, free shipping and little extras -what’s not to love?

I’ve been stalking knitalatte‘s work for some time.  She covers stones with intricate needlework.  Every once in a while, if you get lucky, you can actually purchase one of the stones.  If not, she’s always got beautiful prints showcasing lovely arrangments of her knit stones with other natural goodies.  I always love the integration of natural elements with traditional crafts and this is no exception.

Zaq’s Vintage and Design is a new seller on Etsy, but I think that he has a bright future ahead of him.  He upcycles old luggage and creates these beautiful new useable objects with them.  His work looks impeccable, he’s got a great eye and the lining fabrics he chooses are modern and elegant without being too fussy.  I’m really looking forward to seeing more of his great finds!

Thanks to all this week’s favorites for their beautiful work!

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The theme of this week’s favorites is Blues and Greens.  Springtime is here (at least for me) and I can’t get over the color combination.  It’s so fresh and fun!

First up is retrofied.  I just bought a moped last weekend and so I’m obsessed with all things 2-wheeled and motorized.  Add a little love of polka dots and stripes and you have one awesome bag.  Roomy, with lots of pockets, this is the perfect bag for someone like me.  Lots of space to hold your junk and keep it organized.  She’s based out of Chicago, and has lots of awesome fabrics and styles of bags – there is definitely something for everyone.

Next is econica.  She has some really elegant designs, simple yet stunning.  This dress is made of bamboo and organic cotton, a combination that I’m sure would feel even better than it looks.  I love the intensity of this green – green in such a hard shade to do right, but I think this would be flattering on a number of skin types.  I love that she uses mostly organic materials but still maintains a feminine, stylish form.

I keep seeing these soaps from amethystsoap pop up all over Etsy, and after taking a closer look I can see why.  They really look like actual polished chunks of turquoise!  They’ve got some all-natural goodies for a little exfoliating action (who couldn’t use that) and I think they would smell terrific.  The rest of the soaps in the shop look like tumbled stones as well – how do they do it?

Last is adventuresofjr.  I’ll make no secret of it – I’m a shmere snob.  Why on earth would you wear anything besides cashmere?  You can find it reasonably priced, if you look, and its just so sinful.  You always want to pet yourself, or you can get someone else to pet you…anyway.  She makes some beautiful, modern and fun accessories out of, you guessed it, cashmere!  I think that I want everything in her shop.  Life’s so short, everything should be soft.  She also sells some of her lovely yarn here.  Her shop is definitely worth a look – an perhaps a small indulgence?

That’s it for the week!  Just a reminder, today is the last day to sign up for my giveaway!  Scroll down and look for it, leave a comment, and you could be the lucky winner of some awesome prizes!

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Friday Faves

Friday Faves

My first favorite of the day has to be crystalindumentaria.  Another Etsy seller from Buenos Aires (Argentina seems to be coming into its own on Etsy) she sells some very cool clothing.  Very figure concious.  To me, there’s nothing better than an interesting white shirt, and I think this one fits the bill.  A nice shape, a great neckline/collar and the ability to mold it to fit your body – what could be nicer?

Next is Champignons – I’m sure you’ve seen her work all over the place but I just can’t get over it.  Aside from the awesome name, she has great whimsical and slightly victorian items.  This piece is like an early movie – if you spin it around fast enough, you find that the bird will actually find itself inside of the cage!  I’ve seen this done in movies but never in real life.  Many more treasures about in her Etsy shop!

It’s not often that I want to buy everything in a shop, but I do when it comes to Hisss.  There is no shortage of excellent illustrators on Etsy but her style speaks just to what I like – historical figures and animals, all with a slight visual pun.  I love this illustration – called “polar opposites”.  She has a photography site as well that’s worth checking out.

Last is argonzales.  Her shop is filled with things for “manly men and girly girls”.  She has a great color palette and lots of little delicate items that are just interesting and strong enough to walk the line between feminine and awesome.  Ever since I took a silversmithing class years ago I’ve been obsessed with stacking rings and she has plenty of sets to choose from.

Thanks to all these wonderful creative folks for their amazing talents and energies!  I look forward to seeing what is to come from them.

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