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And I don’t mean the kind that deals with fishes and the like, although I love that too.  The underwater world is so astounding that it is amazing it can be captured on “film” and shared with those who aren’t lucky enough to venture into its depths.  However, I’m talking about a different kind of underwater photography.  I got my Anthropologie catalog today, and the first few pages were all shots of their items captured floating in the water.  They were so beautiful and ephemeral, they could easily stand alone as art instead of just product photography.  I have a few crappy underwater cameras that I’ve been longing to play around with and this might just provide the inspiration that I need.  Now all I need is some water (rather difficult to come across in the desert) and we’ll be good to go!  Here’s some beautiful pictures that I find inspiring.

(this is going to be a long post, there’s too many beautiful pictures to choose from!)


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So I don’t ever watch America’s Next Top Model, partly because I can’t stand the ridiculous drama and mostly because I don’t have  TV.  However,  I love looking at the galleries of all of the modeling shoots because there are some terrific photographs there.  Most of the time they are a little too high-edge fashion and conceptual for me but it’s always interesting to look at photographer’s techniques and styles to get ideas from your own.  I was looking at this seasons, and I found a series that I find simply amazing.  Not only are the girls beautiful but the shots themselves are breathtaking.  Simple, conceptual and really well executed.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I’m just dying to recreate something like this in a shoot.  Also, I’d like to figure out how to do my hair that way!

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I inherited a bunch of my great-grandmother’s buttons last year.  My mother and her sisters used to spend rainy afternoons digging through the big bin of buttons.  There’s been some great finds, including a heap of hand-carved (what looks like) ivory buttons that must be at least 100 years old, if not older.  I’ve been trying to organize them in my type cabinet drawers which is very soothing for my OCD tendencies.

I love how bright and cheery all of the colors are.  I especially love the yellow and blue buttons in the top part of the photo- the yellow ones have little deer on them, and the blue are race horses.

I’m excited to see that my orange tree looks like it’s going to survive.  I thought it was going to die over the winter, but it has come back in full force.  And these aren’t any oranges, mind, but blood oranges.  I’m excited to get some actual fruit off of this some day.

I moved here in September so it’s been a surprise to see what’s come out of the ground in the spring.  We have a wonderful rose bush in the back that has blooms so fragrant, you can smell them down the street.  The lilac bush (surprise!) has been a great attraction for butterflies.  And I couldn’t live without my beautiful yellow ranunculus.

This is a beautiful pet I got to photograph.  Those blue eyes are so stunning.  And she was super-friendly, so that was a real treat.

The owner of the cat also had a pet Nile Monitor.  I loved this shot – a little abstract, but it lets you focus on the scales and beautiful textures.

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I took a ton of pictures yesterday, but these stood out in my mind.  It’s amazing – I don’t know if it is actually true, but if you ask me, dogs have a pretty distinctive smile.  Here are the 4 dogs I got to shoot yesterday, and my favorite smiles from each of them!

And while I was shooting, the neighbor’s dog  just popped by to say hi. 🙂

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First Dog Photos!

I wasn’t going to start taking dog photos until today – I have a few appointments lined up (A great dane, a golden retriever, a german shepherd and a big fat lab) but I was some friends-of-friend’s house yesterday and they had these gorgeous pups and I just had to practice a picture or two.  Not too many turned out but it was a good learning experience and I hope to get better today!

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So one of my best friends is gorgeous and talented, and needed to take some fashion-type photos for her portfolio (she’s an actress and a model).  I recently got a great studio lighting set-up and was eager to practice, especially on such a willing participant!   The whole shoot was especially fun because of the resources that we had.  Her grandmother was the most stylish person I’ve  ever met, and had dedicated her life to all things wearable and beautiful.  So we raided the closet and came up with some fun looks.  Here’s a sample of some of the pictures we got!

Many thanks to Lauren for letting me put her hot face all over my blog!  Also, don’t forget to enter for the Beanie Baby Hunting Trophy giveaway, a few posts down!  You only have until Friday, and then it’s too late!  In case you want to know more abou them, here’s an excellent customer testamonial.

“Second, I fully support the killing and mounting of Beanie Babies for sport as well as ornamentation.  They are overpopulated and their natural preditors (small children and collectors) tend to lack the necessary killer instinct. It is a question of sustainability.” (the lovely ms. Marigold)

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