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Here’s what I’ve been crushing on lately.

Satsuma Press‘s letterpress lovelies.  They make invites, stationary, calling cards, wedding invites, and just a whole lot of pretty letterpressed things.  I’m a sucker for it, I know, but they have nice modern design with a bit of a natural edge that’s really appealing.

I know that jewelry is all over the place, but that makes the occasional item that stands out all the more interesting.  I’m loving the line by Gemella Jewelry – the pieces are intricately crafted, with beautiful high-quality gemstones and a lovely approach to a traditional medium.  Great for mother’s day!

I was always taught in art school to NEVER use typography unless it killed you, especially in painting.  This lovely print makes me smile and say, screw that!  Love the message, love the execution.   Part of the 20×200 project (offering limited editions of awesome art prints for just $20!) I think that I need one on my wall.  Unless this year happens to kill me first.

Has anyone ever heard of this blog, Decorno?  I stumbled across it last weekend and did the thing where I clicked back so far, I felt a little ashamed of myself and had to stop.  At some point, it just gets creepy.  Anyway, the information is interesting, and the writing is FANTASTIC.  I’m not sure if it’s nobel-prize worthy, but it makes me laugh, and damnit, that’s enough for me.

I’m not afraid to admit it.  I go to garage sales A LOT.  At least I did before I moved to Arizona and discovered the wonders of one-stop flea market shopping.  However, it’s been a lifetime hobby for me and I can’t imagine going much longer without returning to the futile chase.  This amazing app solves the problem of “how do I hit as many garage sales as possible in one quick, efficent route?”.  It uses vulcan mind-meld to work google maps into craigslist listings and creating the perfect internet use.  All hail the almighty lifehacker.

A photographer from Boulder, Colorado is attempting to photography one million faces in just one year.  She’s turned it into a great way to raise money for charity, as well as meet lots of interesting people and support lots of interesting causes.  It’s fun to keep up with her progress and to see all of the amazing faces out there.  Check out more about the project here.

Speaking of photography – wow.  That’s all I can say to describe this photograph.  Taken by someone called Funambula (?) you can check out here tumblr here.  I love the sense of whimsy, and that color combination is just to die for.

Speaking of whimsical, who doesn’t want some rainbow cupcakes?  I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately and I’m dying to try to make some.  It looks like someone turned a leprechaun into a delicious, sweet sugary mess.  That’s right, I said it.  You can find a tutorial here to make your very own – if you do, I’d like to see what they look like!

That’s all for now, folks.  Thanks for allowing me to slowly dig through my bookmark list.  I hope you find something to pique your interest.


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Apparently the guy’s from Denver, and I’m town, reading the paper (which I never do) and I see an article about this guy.  I tear the sheet out, because it instantly grabs me, and of course, promptly lose it.  I even forgot the name of the artist, and I’m too lazy to try to track things down on the internet, so I thought it was all over for me.

Denver has a great First Fridays art scene.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s the first friday of every month that the galleries throw their doors open and stock the counters with cheap booze and crackers and invite people in to look at art.  Me, I like going to make fun of it, but every once in a while something grabs you.  The area I was in isn’t exactly known for famous artists; it’s more the haunt of the up-and-coming.  But glory behold, I walked into a gallery I’d never been in before, and there it was.  Rex Ray.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been living in Arizona for a while now, or if everyone’s just so depressed they need a little bit of escapism, but I am loving the 60’s-swing thing that’s all around us nowadays.

I love the bright colors, the wonderful patterns and the irrepresible cheeriness of his works.  I had an opportunity to talk to the curator of the show for a few minutes, and he gave me the lowdown.

Apparently, the man hand-creates all of the papers you see in his “paintings”, and then meticulously cuts them out and applies them to these canvases.  It’s not so easy to see on your computer screen, but the texture and depth of these works is amazing.

Clearly, being able to afford one of these works is out of the question (some of the smaller pieces were going for $24k – yeah, not in this lifetime) but I did manage to pick something up.  He did a major installation at another Denver location and had wallpaper specially made for the wall.  It is apparently impossible to get, as it is way too expensive, but I did get a poster of a portion of the wallpaper, and it was signed!  That will have to do me for now.

I love him.  That is all.

Coming soon (I promise, I know)….some more wedding stuff, a blog redesign, and hopefully some more content.  Life is pretty crazy.  When it rains, it pours they say.

PS – a hilarious side note – my spell check wants to capitalize the word “internet”, and it refuses to acknowledge that blog is a word.  Excellent.

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I’m working on updating the layout and design of the blog – here’s a little sneak peek!

It’s a lot of work, figuring out all of the code and that nonsense but I think it will look a lot better and be a lot easier to navigate!

Also, I’ve been working on what I’m calling a “visual resume”, even though it’s more of a portfolio.  I have a lot of different crafty endeavors and like to have my fingers in lots of pies.  That’s the sort of thing that’s hard to communicate via a resume.  So I’m creating a series of pages, each highlighting some of my work in various genres.  I’m trying to tie in the design of the pages with the new blog design so everything is a visually cohesive whole.  Here’s two of the pages I’ve been working on:

I have an interview for an internship on Monday, so I’m going to print all of the pages out and bind them somehow.  Wish me luck!

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handmade-revolution-poster-copyThis is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I’m probably going to struggle to put it into words but I hope you’ll bear with me here because it’s something I think is very important.

The economy has taken a nosedive, people’s lives are filled with uncertainty, international relations are threatened, and it seems like there’s very little good news.  Despite all of the adversity, I think that we’ve been given a real opportunity to change the way that we interact with the world.

Despite a few high-paid examples, artists have become undervalued in our society.  I think that’s a shame, because art is what defined our humanity from the beginning on.  They don’t find complex financial calculations carved into cave walls, they find paintings.  School budgets are forcing cuts, and the art and music departments are always the first programs to go.  Though there are a few shining examples, overall the importance of art to our society has decreased significantly.

Now there’s less money, and more people are turning wway from their high-paying jobs from which they were laid off, and they are re-discovereing the things that they love, like art and music.  They’re learning what the rest of us have known for quite a long time – it’s a hard road, with little to no promise for success, but you can’t put a price on being able to do what you love and what you’re passionate about.

And there’s where the opportunity is.  I say when you can, buy handmade!  Instead of buying something cheap at a big-box store that’s going to fall apart in a matter of months, see if you can find it handmade or used.  Instead of going towards paying factory workers in some underdeveloped country pennies while systematically destroying the environment in other places, instead of going towards the bonus of an overpaid corporate honcho, your money will stay in your community or at least someone else’s.  You’ll be directly impacting the life of the person you bought from.  And odds are, the person who is hand making these items cares too.  They care enough to source their materials in sustainable ways, and to try to buy used when they can.  They probably shop at the farmer’s market, because they appreciate hard work and what goes into creating something from hand.  And you can go about your day that way too.  Sure, shopping at a farmer’s market might be a little more expensive, but in many ways that’s a myth.  Buying locally grown food means you get what’s fresh, what’s in season, and what’s also cheap (those strawberries didn’t have to fly all the way from Columbia!).  Plus you know that the money is staying in your community and supporting the people who are just trying to live their lives in the best way that they know how.

Obviously this isn’t the answer for everything.  You probably can’t buy a washing machine at the neighborhood co-op.  And it’s not always convenient and not always easy.  But I really think that it’s worth the effort.  You can support art, you can support your neighbors and friends.  You’ll be amazed at the interesting and wonderful people you meet.  You’ll know where you food comes from, and the life story behind your awesome handmade organic bamboo shirt.  It might mean living with less, but that’s not always a bad thing, now is it?  I think we have an opportunity to shift the way that our world thinks.  Instead of showing your status with a $900 handbag and fancy car, perhaps handmade, sustainable and locally produced is the new hot thing!

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Wallblank is a great new thing that I don’t know if everyone has heard about.  Perhaps I’m just behind the curve.  One of my craft friends’ work was featured on there a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve been excited about checking back every day to see what they have come up with.

The premise is simple.  They post a new artwork every day, and keep it up for a week or until it sells out.  It’s that simple.  They usually have some wonderful work and it’s really quite affordable, plus they do the hard work of actually finding the awesome artist for you.

I’m particularly enamored with this piece:

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So I had the idea of using beanie babies and turning them into hunting trophies for a while, but I thought that it was a little too creepy, or something more interesting came up, or whatever.  Plus I had to track down all of the materials and do all of that fun stuff, so the project just kept getting put off and off.  Finally, I decided in a fit of “git-er-done” that I just had to do them, and I did it all in one big push.

I had originally wanted to put them all together in an art gallery of some sort for maxiumum visual impact, but I’m in a place that I don’t think would be terribly receptive to that kind of art.  So I thought, why not manipulate the internet to suit my needs?   I’ll just use my etsy storefront as a subsitute gallery space and see what happens.

The response was fairly overwhelming.  I got something like 2000 visits yesterday to my shop, which, trust me, is much more than usual, especially in one day’s time.  I found out that I got linked by cuteoverload.com (thanks!) so I think that’s what drove most of the traffic, but what I find interesting is that there is no way if I had an art opening in some big city that 2000 people would have seen my exhibit in one day.  Just wouldn’t have happened.  So even if nothing comes of all of this, it was a really great way to get some really good exposure!

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It’s that time of the week again! I’m pretty sure that I waste WAY too much time every week looking at all of the fabulous things there are to find on Etsy, and I can at least make myself feel a little better about spending all of that time if I can share my favorites here!

First off is Stacey Winters. Her photography is fun, playful and colorful, and involves lots of cute kitschy little creatures, and tons of different little deer! She has a great aesthetic and tons of different cards so you’re sure to find something that will fit your stationary needs.

Then we have Carnival. I bought some of her stuff earlier this year, caramel nut crammers, or something like that. Let me tell you, that was some of the best sweet stuff I’ve ever had! I don’t like chocolate much so it’s hard for me to find sweets that I will eat, but these were great. She’s got stuff for just about every taste, fast shipping, and generous portions.

I can’t say enough good things about chewingthecud. The shop has a great aesthetic (and a gorgeous banner) and all sorts of paper goodies. Would be good for the hipster or the minimalist in your life!

Last we have Swallowfield. She has some outstanding artwork. It’s truly rare to find such a talent, let alone have the opportunity to own such amazing work for such a fair price. She’s had tons of sales so far, and I’m sure that she’ll keep it up with the quality of work she’s been presenting. One of her prints might have to be the next thing I buy.

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