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mercenary-copySo I’ve been running into the problem lately of people asking me what I “do”.  I do lots of things, but I find that I’m always at a loss for words, there’s an awkward pause, and I try to find a way to explain all of my creative endeavors to someone who just asked a simple innocent question and didn’t want a 10 minute answer.  I’ve been playing around with the idea of labeling myself a “creative mercenary” since I usually just appear for short periods of time to work on a specific project, whether it be photo styling or picking out a wall color for a friend’s apartment.  I’ve heard some reactions that thought the concept was too violent, but I think it’s better than a “will work for food” business card.  Here’s something I’ve been playing around with – I’d love to know what you think!


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I opened up a supplies/vintage shop on etsy, and I’ve been using old family pictures for my banner and avatar, etc. I thought that I would make a business card with the cool old pictures, so here it is.

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