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I’ve been really into grays and yellows lately, and it seems that other people are too!  There’s all sorts of amazing stuff out there in this lovely color combination.  I like it because it’s spring-like, but a nice alternative to grass greens and easter pastels.  It reminds me of a stormcloud after it rains and then sunshine that’s sure to follow soon after.

I’ve been coveting this letterpress desk set from Elum.  It’s got such a wonderful variety of card sizes and shapes, with gorgeous envelopes to match.  You can find it here, along with some other magnificent items.

This is a beautiful little DIY wedding project from the ladies over at Style Me Pretty.  I think that you could use this idea and modify it for a number of occassions, but I love the pattern on the cardstock as well as the styling itself.  You can get more complete instructions here.

I found this lovely color board over at flickr.  What a great summary of all of the styles that I’ve been digging combined with such a fresh color combo!  See it larger here.

I love these simple and modern monogramed card sets from Perideau Designs.  They come in a variety of colors, as well as some other really interesting designs in the shop.

Love a good architectural photo.  Something about how the dark gray of the clouds is so nicely juxtaposed with the brightness of the building.  See more wonderful photos here.


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fridayfaves-feb6 Friday faves are back!  And thank goodness, because this is my favorite time of the week when I get to compound all of the cool treasures that I find.

First off is Jelanie.  She designs really fun and funky prints, with bright colors and really mod patterns.  A lot of it reminds me of the sort of scandanavian designs you see around, but to me, they are a bit more accessible.  Plus, it would look great just hanging on your wall!

Next is exclamationpoint.  In addition to these really cool felt and floss bracelets, she has a lot of beautiful and delicate sterling silver jewelry.  You’ll also find more whimsical felt goodies as well as a few surprise extras!

I am loving these hummingbird necklaces from kuss.  I know that people might be tired of all of the birds you’re seeing around the DIY universe but I like the hummingbird because it’s really understated, and it’s not a barn swallow!  She also has more beautiful bird shapes, if hummingbirds aren’t your thing.  She hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina – have to love the international etsy flavor!

Last, but definitely not least is one of my all time favorites, Sycamore Street Press. I love the whimsical designs, the bright colors, and the cheeky irreverance.  There is stationery, cards, calendars, photo mats, tags, book plates – the list goes on and on!  You could stock your life entirely in letterpress (and who doesn’t that notion appeal to!).

Thanks to this weeks awesome designers – please, keep up the good work!

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It’s that time of the week again! I’m pretty sure that I waste WAY too much time every week looking at all of the fabulous things there are to find on Etsy, and I can at least make myself feel a little better about spending all of that time if I can share my favorites here!

First off is Stacey Winters. Her photography is fun, playful and colorful, and involves lots of cute kitschy little creatures, and tons of different little deer! She has a great aesthetic and tons of different cards so you’re sure to find something that will fit your stationary needs.

Then we have Carnival. I bought some of her stuff earlier this year, caramel nut crammers, or something like that. Let me tell you, that was some of the best sweet stuff I’ve ever had! I don’t like chocolate much so it’s hard for me to find sweets that I will eat, but these were great. She’s got stuff for just about every taste, fast shipping, and generous portions.

I can’t say enough good things about chewingthecud. The shop has a great aesthetic (and a gorgeous banner) and all sorts of paper goodies. Would be good for the hipster or the minimalist in your life!

Last we have Swallowfield. She has some outstanding artwork. It’s truly rare to find such a talent, let alone have the opportunity to own such amazing work for such a fair price. She’s had tons of sales so far, and I’m sure that she’ll keep it up with the quality of work she’s been presenting. One of her prints might have to be the next thing I buy.

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Here are some of my latest favorites on Etsy. There are so many great sellers on the site, it’s hard to make a choice!

I cannot tell you how much I love handspun yarn. I’m a fiber freak anyways, but the variagated colors and textures seem to be so much more present in handmade yarn! Plus, I love the idea that you can buy something directly from someone who spun it with their own hands, it’s so old fashioned! Mud Creek doesn’t have too much in the shop but what is there is absolutely fabulous.

Eninaj is another one of my absolute favorites. Her pieces look so technical and mechanical, but are made from leather and pearls and silver. It’s the kind of jewelry you could wear with a little black dress and make a huge statement.

Matty8080 continues to be one of my favorite illustrators on Etsy. Not only does he create whimsical/creepy drawings of zombies, strange underwater creatures and funny masks, he’s a very nice person too! His packages always include tons of extras and fun goodies. And we share the same birthday!

EnFinLaVoila might possibly be the only place I will ever go for cards again. Talk about fantastical! Baroque illustrations, a touch of whimsy, and some great color choices combine to make chic, unusual and wonderful cards.

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