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I know that the software has been around on macs for a while but when I checked back after a long absence it seems that they have released a windows version as well.  It may simply be the greatest computer gadget every to land on your desktop.  There’s a mini polariod camera, and when you drag and drop your photos, it spits out a “polaroid” – your original image, turned analog!  Every exposure varies and you never know what you’re going to get.  For those of us who loved polaroid but can’t find the film anymore, this is a slight relief.  You can even pick up the photos and shake them if it’s not developing fast enough for you!  My favorite feature is the ability to capture a copy of the image mid-development so if you see something unusual you don’t have to wait until it finishes to save it.

You can download the software here, and also find an awesome flickr group filled with polaroid goodness here.

Here are some of my favorites – I pretty much went through every picture on my computer yesterday playing with this.


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Today I have discovered the holy grail of Paper Crafters: Paper Source. It may be old news to some, but not to me! I find their collections of handmade papers simply inspiring, and their craft kits and other assorted items (envelopes, colored labels, etc.) simply useful! They have amazing letterpress stationary, paper in a wide range of prints, sizes and colors, and some other amazing things. One of my favorites is the envelope templates – so that you can make or line your own! Seeing this many amazing products makes me wish that I could open up a store like this of my own! Since I can’t, I’ll have to content myself with the website that you can find here. They are worth checking out, because you can get good prices on buying things in small amounts. And sometimes that’s all you need! I know that I don’t have too many good paper shops nearby, and sometimes it’s just nice to have something shipped straight to your door.

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