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Here’s my list of favorites for the week!

friday-faves-apr10Geninne has been one of my favorites for a long time.  She was recently a featured seller over at Etsy, and her blog and flickr streams are constant sources of inspiration for me.  She has the amazing ability to keep her creative spaces not only clean but beautiful!  Her prints reflect that same ability – clean, beautiful and modern.  Mostly she focuses on birds, but there’s some other great naturalistic pieces there as well.

Kjoo has this amazing ability to turn somewhat common craft items into beautiful textile jewelry.  I never knew that it was possible for felt and crochet to be so beautiful.  She definitely has an incredibly unique take on her craft, and anyone would be lucky to own one of her pieces.  I don’t see anything this great ever going out of style!  You can also visit her flickr stream for more up-t0-date inspiration.

The Ardent Sparrow is a great place to find inexpensive, yet beautiful and fun jewelry.  It definitely has a vintage feel, and most of her items I wouldn’t be surprised to find on sale at an Anthropologie somewhere – it definitely has the aesthetic.  She’s recently come back to jewelry making, and I say she hasn’t lost the skill!  You can check out her blog for more ideas and pictures.

Last up are the amazing prints from The Painted Lily.  She calls them “kaleidoscopic prints” and I would consider than an apt term for them.  Digitally created, they have the look of something more intensely hand-made.  There’s a depth and intensity that you don’t usually see in digital work.  She also incorporates vintage ephemera into her work, transforming it into something intricate and beautiful.   And the colors are lovely!

Thanks to this week’s artists for making such beautiful things!


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I’ve been really into grays and yellows lately, and it seems that other people are too!  There’s all sorts of amazing stuff out there in this lovely color combination.  I like it because it’s spring-like, but a nice alternative to grass greens and easter pastels.  It reminds me of a stormcloud after it rains and then sunshine that’s sure to follow soon after.

I’ve been coveting this letterpress desk set from Elum.  It’s got such a wonderful variety of card sizes and shapes, with gorgeous envelopes to match.  You can find it here, along with some other magnificent items.

This is a beautiful little DIY wedding project from the ladies over at Style Me Pretty.  I think that you could use this idea and modify it for a number of occassions, but I love the pattern on the cardstock as well as the styling itself.  You can get more complete instructions here.

I found this lovely color board over at flickr.  What a great summary of all of the styles that I’ve been digging combined with such a fresh color combo!  See it larger here.

I love these simple and modern monogramed card sets from Perideau Designs.  They come in a variety of colors, as well as some other really interesting designs in the shop.

Love a good architectural photo.  Something about how the dark gray of the clouds is so nicely juxtaposed with the brightness of the building.  See more wonderful photos here.

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I know that the software has been around on macs for a while but when I checked back after a long absence it seems that they have released a windows version as well.  It may simply be the greatest computer gadget every to land on your desktop.  There’s a mini polariod camera, and when you drag and drop your photos, it spits out a “polaroid” – your original image, turned analog!  Every exposure varies and you never know what you’re going to get.  For those of us who loved polaroid but can’t find the film anymore, this is a slight relief.  You can even pick up the photos and shake them if it’s not developing fast enough for you!  My favorite feature is the ability to capture a copy of the image mid-development so if you see something unusual you don’t have to wait until it finishes to save it.

You can download the software here, and also find an awesome flickr group filled with polaroid goodness here.

Here are some of my favorites – I pretty much went through every picture on my computer yesterday playing with this.

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