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I love the way that orchids look, and all of the infinite variations.  What also impresses me is the patience necessary to nurture these past their first bloom.  I’m terrible with flowers, but I bought this over Easter, and it’s still alive, so hopefully that shall continue!  Again, apologies for the lack of decent blog posts – still trying to figure out a work/commuting/blogging/life balance.  Thanks for your understanding.


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I was driving from Arizona to Colorado and did my requisite stop at Trader Joe’s along the way for a case of two buck chuck.  They cunningly put their floral section right inside the door, and I was instantly struck by the color of these ranunculus.  It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t terribly logical but I decided that they could survive the 10 hour trip back with me in the car.  Am I glad that I bought them!  They’ve opened up wonderfully and only gotten prettier since then.  I’ve been on the lookout and I haven’t seen any that were this color around.  They were just begging to be put into the studio….here are some of my favorite shots.

Hopefully this will show you why I’m enamored of this flower!  If you’d like to see more, please click here (I’ll be uploading a few more every day – can’t get too much of a good thing).

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I inherited a bunch of my great-grandmother’s buttons last year.  My mother and her sisters used to spend rainy afternoons digging through the big bin of buttons.  There’s been some great finds, including a heap of hand-carved (what looks like) ivory buttons that must be at least 100 years old, if not older.  I’ve been trying to organize them in my type cabinet drawers which is very soothing for my OCD tendencies.

I love how bright and cheery all of the colors are.  I especially love the yellow and blue buttons in the top part of the photo- the yellow ones have little deer on them, and the blue are race horses.

I’m excited to see that my orange tree looks like it’s going to survive.  I thought it was going to die over the winter, but it has come back in full force.  And these aren’t any oranges, mind, but blood oranges.  I’m excited to get some actual fruit off of this some day.

I moved here in September so it’s been a surprise to see what’s come out of the ground in the spring.  We have a wonderful rose bush in the back that has blooms so fragrant, you can smell them down the street.  The lilac bush (surprise!) has been a great attraction for butterflies.  And I couldn’t live without my beautiful yellow ranunculus.

This is a beautiful pet I got to photograph.  Those blue eyes are so stunning.  And she was super-friendly, so that was a real treat.

The owner of the cat also had a pet Nile Monitor.  I loved this shot – a little abstract, but it lets you focus on the scales and beautiful textures.

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