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If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, I highly suggest it.  Not only is it a treasure trove of beautiful, inspiring pictures, but a great resource for any kind of craft you’d like to tackle.  And if you’re like me, you’re thinking about how to tackle all of them!

Hoping for a snow day tomorrow – having a real 9-5 job is kicking my ass!  The hour commute (each way) doesn’t help either.  I don’t know how all you normal people swing it!  I’m used to weird hours and cobbling several jobs together.  This is too predictable!


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Just because I really like making them.

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My bookmark list is slowly but surely growing out of control.  There’s so much amazing inspiration out there, and I’m continually overwhelmed by all of the creative energy and beauty floating around the internet.  Here’s some of the things I’ve been digging on lately.

Forty-Sixth at Grace is an astounding blog that she calls “a saving account for things I like”.  Beautiful photographs, soft and ethereal.  Great finds and lovely writing.  What’s not to like?

Jordan Ferney seems to live a life filled with friends, fun and art (I’m jealous).  She has a lettepress studio, she does photo styling, and an event planner.  Her blog is filled with all sorts of wonderful things and is a good place to go to jump-start your imagination.

MagCloud might be my new favorite find.  Who among us hasn’t dreamed of one day working for a magazine?  With that option quickly disappearing out the window, why not take the initiative and publish your own.  That’s exactly what MagCloud is for.  You just upload a .pdf of your magazine, and they do all of the work!  The price is right too – you pay nothing to create the magazine, but having it printed costs $.20/page.  You can set your subscription price above that to make money, if that’s what your after.  In this day and age where it’s so hard to set yourself apart from the crowd, I’m thinking that a magazine would be the way to do it!

I am in love with this photography from Bobby Neel Adams.  He takes portraits of different generations of the family, prints them out, and manually stitches them together.  The family resemblance is really striking, and he juxtaposes the faces in a way that borders on the macabre.

I love nothing more in life than a good flea market.  There’s tons of them in Arizona, but I’m not sure if any of them match the top 10 flea markets according to Travel + Leisure.  This is a great slideshow showing some pictures – I’ll be off plotting my next vacation.

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We have a winner for my March giveaway!  Congratuations to the winner – I’ve sent an email, so you know who you are!  And thanks to everyone who entered – I will be doing giveaways fairly often so check back soon for more details!

I’ve been working on the inside of a 1972 pickup truck so that’s taking a lot of my time this weekend (I’ll share pictures soon) so instead of posting what I’m doing, I thought I’d post what I’m loving instead.

I think that I’m doing to keel over and die from how much I love Candice Stringham’s photography.  She has been shooting these amazing pictures of beautiful ladies with umbrellas, “flying” all over New York.  She has such a sense of whimsy and a touch of humor, I just can’t keep from going back for more.

Purl Soho might indeed have the best collection of high-end crafty goodness that I have ever seen.  Plus, the online shop is great for people like me who live in a tragically unhip place with no access to the wonder that is their fabric collection.  They have wonderfully hip patterns as well, definitely worth checking out.

Erin Jang’s blog is a great place for graphic design and craft inspiration.   I love her custom wedding ideas, and there’s something that’s wonderfully handmade, yet still professional about her designs.

I’ve been looking at lots of flowers lately, as I’m doing all of the flowers for a friend’s wedding in June.  I stumbled upon Wild at Heart and I love their gallery – full of inspiration.  The flowers are romantic, yet modern, and there’s something about a huge ball of matching flowers that is just so striking.

Sometimes, I get a little down about the world, and I just need to read something funny.  I’m not much of a joke person, and my humor personality seems to be most akin to that of Eddie Izzard.  Which makes it difficult to find things that make me laugh.  Puppet Pie, however, might be the best blog out there for putting a smile on your face.  Words cannot even describe.  You’ll have to see it for yourself.

And because I can never get enough of beatiful photography, I find myself drawn to Bloom, Grow, Love‘s blog.  An amazing photographer, her images are captivating and have a wonderful dream-like quality to them (if only my dreams were this beautiful).  If I’m ever able to create photos this gorgeous, I think I’ll be able to die happy.

That’s all for today.  I’m embarking on a new project taking pictures of people’s pets, and I’m excited to see where it will take me.  There’s all sorts of things that qualify as pets down here – dogs, cats, lizzards, goats.  😉  I’ll be posting photos as soon as I get them!

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