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Here’s what I’ve been crushing on lately.

Satsuma Press‘s letterpress lovelies.  They make invites, stationary, calling cards, wedding invites, and just a whole lot of pretty letterpressed things.  I’m a sucker for it, I know, but they have nice modern design with a bit of a natural edge that’s really appealing.

I know that jewelry is all over the place, but that makes the occasional item that stands out all the more interesting.  I’m loving the line by Gemella Jewelry – the pieces are intricately crafted, with beautiful high-quality gemstones and a lovely approach to a traditional medium.  Great for mother’s day!

I was always taught in art school to NEVER use typography unless it killed you, especially in painting.  This lovely print makes me smile and say, screw that!  Love the message, love the execution.   Part of the 20×200 project (offering limited editions of awesome art prints for just $20!) I think that I need one on my wall.  Unless this year happens to kill me first.

Has anyone ever heard of this blog, Decorno?  I stumbled across it last weekend and did the thing where I clicked back so far, I felt a little ashamed of myself and had to stop.  At some point, it just gets creepy.  Anyway, the information is interesting, and the writing is FANTASTIC.  I’m not sure if it’s nobel-prize worthy, but it makes me laugh, and damnit, that’s enough for me.

I’m not afraid to admit it.  I go to garage sales A LOT.  At least I did before I moved to Arizona and discovered the wonders of one-stop flea market shopping.  However, it’s been a lifetime hobby for me and I can’t imagine going much longer without returning to the futile chase.  This amazing app solves the problem of “how do I hit as many garage sales as possible in one quick, efficent route?”.  It uses vulcan mind-meld to work google maps into craigslist listings and creating the perfect internet use.  All hail the almighty lifehacker.

A photographer from Boulder, Colorado is attempting to photography one million faces in just one year.  She’s turned it into a great way to raise money for charity, as well as meet lots of interesting people and support lots of interesting causes.  It’s fun to keep up with her progress and to see all of the amazing faces out there.  Check out more about the project here.

Speaking of photography – wow.  That’s all I can say to describe this photograph.  Taken by someone called Funambula (?) you can check out here tumblr here.  I love the sense of whimsy, and that color combination is just to die for.

Speaking of whimsical, who doesn’t want some rainbow cupcakes?  I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately and I’m dying to try to make some.  It looks like someone turned a leprechaun into a delicious, sweet sugary mess.  That’s right, I said it.  You can find a tutorial here to make your very own – if you do, I’d like to see what they look like!

That’s all for now, folks.  Thanks for allowing me to slowly dig through my bookmark list.  I hope you find something to pique your interest.


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I love hotels.  There’s the whole get-out-of-town feel, and the fresh sheets and the room service and all of the other lovely things that go with staying in a hotel.  Those are all great, but I also love hotels for their design.  It’s a wonderful chance to experience a setting that you wouldn’t necessarily want to live in, but find appealing all of the same.  It’s an opportunity to take big risks and create real atmosphere.  Ace Hotels have this skill in spades.  They have locations in Portland, Seattle and New York but their hotel in Palm Springs really appeals to me, and I’ll show you why!

I love the hazy, ethereal quality of this room.  The elements are natural and modern, and strike a good balance between the masculine and feminine.  That dresser is to die for as well.

If I could design my dream outdoor space, it might look something like this.  I love the covered fireplace, and the rug is a nice cosy touch to an otherwise austere setting.

I like the indoor camping feel of this room.  It’s like fort building for grown-ups.  Or maybe a really, really posh summer camp.

I feel like this style is along the lines of what stores like Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister want to be when they grow up.  Sophisticated, yet laid back, with nice lines, neutral colors and wonderful little surprise elements.  Thankfully, I’m sure this hotel doesn’t smell like too much cheap cologne.

The best part about this hotel is that it’s somewhat affordable (at least at the low end).  $90 a night for a room isn’t bad, especially when I’ve seen motel 8’s that go for that much.  Their other properties are worth having a look at as well, and their website looks about as good as their rooms.

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I’ve had the exact same bed frame since I was in the 3rd grade.  Sure, it may have been a little excessive for a 3rd-grader (albeit a big one) to be sleeping in a queen size bed, but I like to think that my parents had the foresight to realize that I was going to be a tall one and get only one bed that would last me for the rest of my life.  It was a typical light-wood-with-decoration deal (I think I most recently saw it on Everybody Loves Raymond – :sigh:) which suited me well as a child, as I had no taste.  In high school, I did a wicked-sweet faux finish on the thing and left it at that.  When I moved out of the house, the bed frame followed me, this time upholstered in white canvas.  After getting married I was hoping to move onto something a bit more…elegant, but alas, it’s followed me again.  Which leads me to my newest obsession – building a headboard.

bedI saw this awesome one in Ready Made a few years ago and it stuck in my head.  I’m still thinking about trying to do something like this, but I’m concerned that it may turn out to be a little too Urban Outfitters.  I like the concept though, especially sawing a side table in half for nightstands and using old lighting fixtures as lamps.  Problem is, we move a lot, and this baby doesn’t look easy to move.

I love everything West Elm has to offer.  They are affordable, stylish and modern, and I’m always into the really dark woods (light woods are too Ikea for me).  I love the simplicity of the top one, and the bottom one has a beautiful design.  However, I worry that the look would be too ethnic and wouldn’t age well.

Domino to the rescue!  They have some beautiful ideas for upholstered headboards that I think I could probably tackle if I took the initiative.  I’ve done far stranger things (car and motorcycle seats, for instance…) at least these are square.  Here’s a few more from their archives:

Now this one’s more my style.  Earthy meets modern.  And I love the yellow canisters.

These are the kinds of pretty things that I see in a magazine, and love, and then think about it for a little bit, still think it’s pretty, and decide that it’s a little too “done” for me – I like polish, but I’m not good at keeping it up.

What do you think?

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So lately I’ve been really into midcentury architectue and design.  I think part of it is that I’m so surrounded by it down here, but I really find the lines and shapes appealing.  Plus it’s really interesting to look at all of the old materials that people used, what color palettes were in vogue, etc.  My personal asthetic is a midcentury design feel with modern materials and odd accents, but that’s for another time (and another house, when I can actually do what I want to it).

I was just fortuante enough to aquire a massive personal library of books dealing with this era and its design.  There are some really awesome examples in there!  I love all of the pictures – they’re very techincolor-ish.  I also find that it’s fun to take color palletes from these pictures when you’re working on a project and stumped to come up with a color scheme.  I’d like to show a few examples here – there’s tons (and more coming everyday) of pictures of these midcentury homes and color palettes to go along with it.  I hope you’ll like them as much as I do!

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