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Here’s what I’ve been crushing on lately.

Satsuma Press‘s letterpress lovelies.  They make invites, stationary, calling cards, wedding invites, and just a whole lot of pretty letterpressed things.  I’m a sucker for it, I know, but they have nice modern design with a bit of a natural edge that’s really appealing.

I know that jewelry is all over the place, but that makes the occasional item that stands out all the more interesting.  I’m loving the line by Gemella Jewelry – the pieces are intricately crafted, with beautiful high-quality gemstones and a lovely approach to a traditional medium.  Great for mother’s day!

I was always taught in art school to NEVER use typography unless it killed you, especially in painting.  This lovely print makes me smile and say, screw that!  Love the message, love the execution.   Part of the 20×200 project (offering limited editions of awesome art prints for just $20!) I think that I need one on my wall.  Unless this year happens to kill me first.

Has anyone ever heard of this blog, Decorno?  I stumbled across it last weekend and did the thing where I clicked back so far, I felt a little ashamed of myself and had to stop.  At some point, it just gets creepy.  Anyway, the information is interesting, and the writing is FANTASTIC.  I’m not sure if it’s nobel-prize worthy, but it makes me laugh, and damnit, that’s enough for me.

I’m not afraid to admit it.  I go to garage sales A LOT.  At least I did before I moved to Arizona and discovered the wonders of one-stop flea market shopping.  However, it’s been a lifetime hobby for me and I can’t imagine going much longer without returning to the futile chase.  This amazing app solves the problem of “how do I hit as many garage sales as possible in one quick, efficent route?”.  It uses vulcan mind-meld to work google maps into craigslist listings and creating the perfect internet use.  All hail the almighty lifehacker.

A photographer from Boulder, Colorado is attempting to photography one million faces in just one year.  She’s turned it into a great way to raise money for charity, as well as meet lots of interesting people and support lots of interesting causes.  It’s fun to keep up with her progress and to see all of the amazing faces out there.  Check out more about the project here.

Speaking of photography – wow.  That’s all I can say to describe this photograph.  Taken by someone called Funambula (?) you can check out here tumblr here.  I love the sense of whimsy, and that color combination is just to die for.

Speaking of whimsical, who doesn’t want some rainbow cupcakes?  I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately and I’m dying to try to make some.  It looks like someone turned a leprechaun into a delicious, sweet sugary mess.  That’s right, I said it.  You can find a tutorial here to make your very own – if you do, I’d like to see what they look like!

That’s all for now, folks.  Thanks for allowing me to slowly dig through my bookmark list.  I hope you find something to pique your interest.

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Here’s my list of favorites for the week!

friday-faves-apr10Geninne has been one of my favorites for a long time.  She was recently a featured seller over at Etsy, and her blog and flickr streams are constant sources of inspiration for me.  She has the amazing ability to keep her creative spaces not only clean but beautiful!  Her prints reflect that same ability – clean, beautiful and modern.  Mostly she focuses on birds, but there’s some other great naturalistic pieces there as well.

Kjoo has this amazing ability to turn somewhat common craft items into beautiful textile jewelry.  I never knew that it was possible for felt and crochet to be so beautiful.  She definitely has an incredibly unique take on her craft, and anyone would be lucky to own one of her pieces.  I don’t see anything this great ever going out of style!  You can also visit her flickr stream for more up-t0-date inspiration.

The Ardent Sparrow is a great place to find inexpensive, yet beautiful and fun jewelry.  It definitely has a vintage feel, and most of her items I wouldn’t be surprised to find on sale at an Anthropologie somewhere – it definitely has the aesthetic.  She’s recently come back to jewelry making, and I say she hasn’t lost the skill!  You can check out her blog for more ideas and pictures.

Last up are the amazing prints from The Painted Lily.  She calls them “kaleidoscopic prints” and I would consider than an apt term for them.  Digitally created, they have the look of something more intensely hand-made.  There’s a depth and intensity that you don’t usually see in digital work.  She also incorporates vintage ephemera into her work, transforming it into something intricate and beautiful.   And the colors are lovely!

Thanks to this week’s artists for making such beautiful things!

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fridayfaves-mar13Yay, it’s Friday!  Time to celebrate with some awesome Etsy sellers.

So I love fabulous headwear but I’ve found that I never have the courage to really go above and beyond.  I’m a big hat person, and some people even find that a bit questionable.  However, if I had the occasion and the guts, I would wear something from Emilliner. This particular piece is supposed to be for a bridal ensemble, but I think it could be worn in a number of circumstances.  She has some wonderful, whimsical and sometimes more subtle creations in her shop – I urge you to check it out, for artistic value alone!

I know that everyone’s not a knitter, but I can’t help but share some of my favorite spun creations.  I love Moonrover‘s colors – they remind me of old German fairy tales.  They have wonderful, deep bold colors, and the price is super-reasonable.  One of my favorite things are the cute little hand drawn cards that identify each of the yarns.

OK.  I am trying not to get too excited about this, but I really have a hard time finding sweets that I like and for the most point, I usually avoid them because I’m sure I’ll end up disappointed.  However, Whimsy and Spice seems to be the place to go for interesting and delicious confections.  Who would have thought they could have ever lived without caramel-infused marshmallows?  Or rose and black pepper thumbprints?  Plus, as an extra bonus, they’re all hand made, preservative free and I’m sure, delicious.

I’ve just discovered Coco’s Greenhouse and I really love her stuff!  Whimsical, dainty and feminine, with some awesome color choices and really reasonable prices. I think that her stuff is part Victorian, part cabinet of curiosities.  There’s definitely a nice balance between nature-inspired pieces and luxe materials.

Thanks to this week’s awesome artists!

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fridayfaves-mar6It’s that time of the week again!

This week we’re staring with La Belle Savage.  She makes beautiful and unique jewelry using found, reclaimed and recycled epherma.  Whimsical, feminine and a tiny bit french, her jewelry is both elegant and surprisingly different.  Accordin g to her profile, many elements used in her jewelry come from her grandmother’s company that supplied jewelry to Vogue shoots in the 40’s and 50’s, so you can own a piece of history as well!

I just discovered William Dohman’s photography and other cool stuff.  Cool story – apparently, MC Hammer digs his stuff and tweeted about it!  That’s reason enough for me.  He has some beautiful travel photography, a genre which I’m definitely partial too.  He also makes some really cool birdhouses, and some excellent designs.  Plus, free shipping and little extras -what’s not to love?

I’ve been stalking knitalatte‘s work for some time.  She covers stones with intricate needlework.  Every once in a while, if you get lucky, you can actually purchase one of the stones.  If not, she’s always got beautiful prints showcasing lovely arrangments of her knit stones with other natural goodies.  I always love the integration of natural elements with traditional crafts and this is no exception.

Zaq’s Vintage and Design is a new seller on Etsy, but I think that he has a bright future ahead of him.  He upcycles old luggage and creates these beautiful new useable objects with them.  His work looks impeccable, he’s got a great eye and the lining fabrics he chooses are modern and elegant without being too fussy.  I’m really looking forward to seeing more of his great finds!

Thanks to all this week’s favorites for their beautiful work!

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Friday Faves

Friday Faves

My first favorite of the day has to be crystalindumentaria.  Another Etsy seller from Buenos Aires (Argentina seems to be coming into its own on Etsy) she sells some very cool clothing.  Very figure concious.  To me, there’s nothing better than an interesting white shirt, and I think this one fits the bill.  A nice shape, a great neckline/collar and the ability to mold it to fit your body – what could be nicer?

Next is Champignons – I’m sure you’ve seen her work all over the place but I just can’t get over it.  Aside from the awesome name, she has great whimsical and slightly victorian items.  This piece is like an early movie – if you spin it around fast enough, you find that the bird will actually find itself inside of the cage!  I’ve seen this done in movies but never in real life.  Many more treasures about in her Etsy shop!

It’s not often that I want to buy everything in a shop, but I do when it comes to Hisss.  There is no shortage of excellent illustrators on Etsy but her style speaks just to what I like – historical figures and animals, all with a slight visual pun.  I love this illustration – called “polar opposites”.  She has a photography site as well that’s worth checking out.

Last is argonzales.  Her shop is filled with things for “manly men and girly girls”.  She has a great color palette and lots of little delicate items that are just interesting and strong enough to walk the line between feminine and awesome.  Ever since I took a silversmithing class years ago I’ve been obsessed with stacking rings and she has plenty of sets to choose from.

Thanks to all these wonderful creative folks for their amazing talents and energies!  I look forward to seeing what is to come from them.

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This week I got to interview amazing artist (and creative friend) Robayre. I really, really love her work, and would have bought everything in her shop already had I managed to scrounge up the cash. It’s really just too hard to pick, everything is amazing! She also always has some great fun project going, which I always think is fun to follow, and is inspirational as well! She was nice enough to answer some questions for me, so here goes!

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Um, truth? Well, I’ll have to admit it was marshmallows, but this morning was not a typical morning. Normally I’ll have cheerios in a cup on the way to work, or a raisin english muffin, or something portable and on the go. This morning I didn’t have to go to work, so I went to my best friends house where we made homemade marshmallows.

2. What is some of your favorite music of the moment?
I’m a huge music fan! I’ve been to way more concerts than I can count, and I have a very large music collection. Sadly, ever since I bought my first ipod I mostly listen to shuffle. BUT, there has been a CD in my car that I have been listening to constantly for about a month, and surprisingly I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. That CD is Sia’s Some People Have Real Problems. I bought the CD at the beginning of the year when it came out, but didn’t really get into it until I saw this video and thought, “Oh my gosh, that is totally me when no one is looking, and I’m singing along to music by myself!” I had to break the CD out again and have been obsessed ever since.

3. Of all of the creative things you’re doing at the moment, if you only had to choose one, which one would it be and why?
This question is like asking a mother to chose their favorite child, and those who know the way I work would understand. I have my hands in EVERYTHING. As soon as I start working on one thing my eyes roam and I want to be working on something else. I always admire the type of person who works strictly in one medium. But I’m just not like that. I always want what I don’t have.

4. Do you prefer watercolors over acrylic paints?
Hmmm, this is hard to say. I guess I gravitate toward using watercolor more often than acrylics.

5. Is etsy/creating your full time business? If not, what do you do in real life?
With 42 sales in my shop, I’m far from supporting myself with etsy, but wouldn’t that be wonderful? I work as a graphic designer and have been in the field since 1994 at the beginning of my senior year in high school. I love what I do, but as wonderful as the dream is, I fear that my artwork may not feel as special if I was forced to support myself on it.

6. Was there someone in your life who was a creative inspiration for you?
Well, both my parents are hobbyists. My mother is a quilter and crafter, and my father is like myself, having his hands in many areas of interest, from collecting saki cups to being a ham radio enthusiast. I feel like their parenting brought me up to be a person that wants to make and create and do, do, do. As a kid I was constantly desperate to be making something and I think my mom did a great job of feeding that fire by providing supplies and ideas. I often hear people my age and generation say that they grew up without crafts because their mothers were against the typical “womanly crafts”, and I can never relate to that because my parents were very much DIYers back in the day.

7. When did you first start creating things?
I’ve been making stuff since before I can remember. It’s just part of me. I know as a small child I loved art and it was probably when I was in second grade my grandmother paid for me to have private art classes.

8. What is your creative process like? Where do you get your inspiration, and what do you do to keep yourself inspired?
I keep a sketchbook, which gets filled with about 25% sketches and about 75% ideas and inspiration. I feel like I am a font of inspiration, so much so, that I unfortunately struggle with finding time to execute most ideas. Boredom is rarely a word in my vocabulary. I think I can thank my art group (The Makers http://www.themakersargroup.blogspot.com ), my blog and my online communities (flickr, Create A Day, etc.) for keeping me inspired. These things keep me driven to create and share what I am working on the most.

9. What is one cool thing that you think everyone should be checking out right now?
That would definitely be Found Art Tuesday ( http://rosamurillo.squarespace.com/found-art-tuesdays/ ) which just recently started it’s own flickr group that can be seen here ( http://www.flickr.com/groups/foundarttuesday/ ). I’d like to encourage and invite all readers to join there. I feel this project, started by my online friend Rosa Murillo, has so much potential to become something huge. It’s like crossing the idea of pay it forward (doing something good for others without asking for anything in return) with street art. Everyone has the opportunity to add beauty to the world and just imagine if each person participated once a week how exciting life would be. Easter egg hunts all year round.

10. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?
Well there was this one time when I was supposed to be watching my baby brother and he was kidnapped by the Goblin King. I had to maneuver my way through this enchanted world to save him, meeting all sorts of strange characters along the way. Finally I defeated the King, who happened to be David Bowie, and brought my brother home safely where I then had a huge party with all my new friends. Oh wait, that didn’t really happen to me, that’s the movie Labyrinth, lol. -That was totally my sister’s idea, she is a bad influence on me, lol.

11. Coke or pepsi?
Thai Iced Tea. I don’t drink pop, it burns my throat and makes me hiccup something fierce.

12. Do you make a signature dish, and what is it?
Well, my boyfriend and I have a favorite meal that we make frequently. It is like the Tuscana Soup from Olive Garden. We got the recipe from that book of famous top Secret recipes and we make a huge batch in the crock pot.

13. What is your favorite thing about where you live?
If you mean in northern Illinois then it would be that we have four seasons, although I wish that the spring and fall seasons would last just a little bit longer. I am definitely in the minority here, and can feel the glares burning holes in me when I state I love snow. If you mean in my city, then I would say that it is because of its relative closeness to one of the world’s largest, greatest cities (Chicago) and yet it is a pretty safe community. If you mean my new house, then it would be that I finally have my own studio room where all my supplies are and all my artwork is made.

14. What is the last thing you bought online?
A felted necklace from artmind.etsy.com

15. In a perfect world where you didn’t have to pay bills or do anything you didn’t want to be doing, what would you do?
Haha, this is funny and deserves a bit of a back-story. A couple weeks ago my family was playing a game where a person asks a question and everyone else has to guess how you’d answer. My question was exactly this same question. It was surprising to me how unanimous it was that everyone knew my answer would be “nothing”. I guess I’m pretty vocal about how if I weren’t required to do anything I wouldn’t do anything. Let me clarify.

You know how you hear people say if they won the lotto and didn’t ever have to work another day in their life they would still get a job? Well, I’m not one of those people. I think those people are people who are easily bored and I am not. I can always think of plenty of fun things to do to entertain myself and that is exactly what I’d do. If you want to get specific, doing nothing equals a lot of artwork. Not that artwork is nothing.

16. Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a house rabbit named Theo. She is a blonde dutch and is litter box trained. You can see some pictures of her here ( http://flickr.com/photos/robayre/sets/785357/ ).
17. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Everything will be all right. Time to get some Bob Marley in this interview. I get stressed easily and frequently and I try to remember when I start to feel that way how my mom would be able to calm me down. She’d let me know that everything will be okay, especially if you can share what you are stressed about with others.

18. What’s your best garage sale find?
I’m not sure what my best garage sale find is, but I might have just bought it this morning. I scored a Polaroid Color Pack II, Land Camera from my best friend’s grandma’s estate sale. Oh man, it’s so beautiful and almost brand new. I was a little cautious in getting too excited because of Polaroid’s announcement that they are halting production of instant film. BUT, I just found out that Fuji still makes instant film packs that can fit this camera and just ordered some right now.

19. Fill in the blank: if I couldn’t be creating, I would….
probably be dead. I just watched the Diving Bell and the Butterfly ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0401383/ ) and the premise is that the main character has a stroke and is fully paralyzed aside from the ability to blink, he then proceeds to write a memoir that is transcribed through blinking. I’d like to think in the most hopeless of situations I’d still be able to create as well.
20. What are you most passionate about?
New projects. When I get really into a new project I want to tell everyone about it.

This was a really great interview! I really enjoyed hearing about someone who’s creative instincts are similar to my own, as it makes me feel as if I’m not totally crazy. Thanks again to Robayre for her patience and for her enlightenment, and happy creating!

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Each week, I’m going to do an interview with an awesome Etsian, illustrator, artist, writer, whatever. Someone who I find interesting and want to pick their brain, but would otherwise not have an excuse to do. I find people’s stories interesting, especially people that inspire me! So we’re going to kick off this week with awesome jewelry designer PiperJ.

PiperJ’s jewelry is understated feminine chic. Delicate and yet daring, it walks the fine line between everyday and special occasion jewelry. You could wear it in any circumstance and not feel self-conscious about it. She uses wonderful materials like gold and sterling silver, and has great taste in semi-precious gemstones. Combined with delicate findings and a great eye for color, her work definitely stands out. Plus, she names all her jewelry after different drinks! She was nice enough to answer my barrage of questions (20, to be exact) and this is what she had to say! So, in no particular order, some questions with PiperJ.
1. What is your favorite color?
My favorite color changes, right now I would say its yellow & brown.

2. If you were stuck on a desert island, what three creative supplies would you bring?
Paper, a paint brush and watercolor paint.

3. What’s a cool thing you think people should be checking out right now?
Agave cactus nectar, I use it as a sweetener instead of sugar or Splenda.

4. What is your signature dish?
I rarely make the same thing twice, so I don’t think I have a signature dish. Lately I have been eating a lot of fish, scallops and mussels.

5. Did anyone inspire you to start creating? Could you share a story?
While my parents and I always made jewelry, Donna Kirsh gave me the opportunity to get into jewelry professionally drilling pieces of glass for pendants in her lofted studio. I was probably 16. Donna was a bit of a free spirit who couldn’t focus so I got to everything from store displays, to packaging to ordering supplies to designing new lines & creating & shipping orders. My well rounded experience working with a professional artist made me hope to one day support myself in a similar manner.

6. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?
I got left in Mexico by my high school sweet heart.

7. One pillow or two?
One under my head & one over my eyes. It smells of lavender and knocks me out in a jiffy.

8. What did you have for breakfast today?
Same thing I have most days, yogurt and coffee. Note that it was Horizon organic yogurt.

9. Is Etsy your primary business? What else do you do?
Yes, but on the side I am a consulting engineer in computational mechanics. I am what you would get if a computer scientist, mechanical engineer and applied mathematician had a love child.

10. What’s your idea of a perfect Sunday?
Morning shenanigans with my boyfriend in bed, a big home cooked breakfast followed by some kind of out door activity, then a very nice dinner with family and friends finished off with more shenanigans & some reading / crafting time

11. What color eyes do you have?
Blue with yellow specks.

12. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
“Take More Math” – Dr James Curry chair of applied math at CU Boulder and personal friend

13. What is your favorite food/color/texture?
kabob kubedeh and everything Persian.

14. What is one interesting thing about you that no one knows?
No one on Etsy? This question is stumping me. No one on Etsy knows I danced ballet for nearly 10 yrs.

15. What are you most passionate about?
16. What is your best garage sale find?
I have a collection of vintage, antique & Murano art glass. Most of it has come from garage sales and junk stores.

17. What is the last thing you bought online?
Crafting supplies and a hot stone massage kit.

18. Where is your dream house located?
Dream houses … plural … right now I am working on house number one which will hopefully be located on a few acres in the Colorado foothills.

19. If you didn’t have to worry about money or anything else, what is your ideal life like?
Volunteering at animal shelters and spending more time with friends and family, maybe working part time some place fun like a jewelry supply store, & lots and lots of travel.

20. What is your biggest pet peeve?

My boyfriends smacking while he eats.

Many thanks to PiperJ for letting me ask her lots of personal questions! More interview to come, so check back soon. If you have someone you’d like me to interview, please let me know! I’m always eager to talk to anyone that people find interesting.

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