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In the current economic climate, I’ve found myself shying away from purely aesthetic items to things that are a little more…practical.  Still beautiful, but at least I can justify the expense because it’s something that I can actually “use”.  So here are some of my favorites that I can see justifying right about now!

fridayfaves-mar271These vegetable bags from Wonder Thunder solve an ecological debate that I’ve had going on forever.  I hate the plastic bags that you get at the grocery store (talk about eco-guilt) but aside from lugging in your own containers, there’s really no practical way of buying bulk foods or veggies.  These solve the problem!  Plus they’ve got great style and are sure to make everyone smile.  Their shop has some other excellent, funny prints – I highly encourage stopping by!

I just recently stumbled across ekaminsk‘s shop, and I have to say, I am delighted.  Instead of trying to fruitlessly preserve your corsage or boutonniere, why not get something that will last forever, and will be far more unique than whatever you can get at the florist’s?  Lovely colors, beautiful details like pearls and jewels, and a big helping of feathers will set your big day apart.

Yeah, so, I’ll admit it.  I have a love for all things paper.  And these great notebooks from jedgell really scratch that itch.  My favorite time of year was always back-t0-school, but not because of school itself.  Buying school supplies was always so much fun!  New crayons, pencils, notebooks and the like.  Maybe I’m biased because my dad was in office supplies, but I can’t help what I love.  These pocket size notebooks are like a grown-up school shopping trip.  And best of all, you can justify it because, well, who doesn’t need to write things down?

These notebooks from Paper and Twine delight that part of me as well.  Although I love the grown-up touch of the Eames Rocker Chair (my notebooks always had Lisa Frank on them).  Plus the craft paper covers and lovely twine ties really give it that eco-feel.  And I’ll admit – I’m a bit of a sucker for the blackboard backdrop.

Thanks to this week’s lovely contributors!

Also, for those who are reading and interested, I set up a flickr group for the blog – if you’re a photographer, artist, crafter, collage artist, whatever, and would like the opportunity to be featured on this blog, please post your items to the group.  If I like what I see, you might just make it onto the blog!  Check out the group here, or click the get exposed button in the sidebar.


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So lately I’ve been really into midcentury architectue and design.  I think part of it is that I’m so surrounded by it down here, but I really find the lines and shapes appealing.  Plus it’s really interesting to look at all of the old materials that people used, what color palettes were in vogue, etc.  My personal asthetic is a midcentury design feel with modern materials and odd accents, but that’s for another time (and another house, when I can actually do what I want to it).

I was just fortuante enough to aquire a massive personal library of books dealing with this era and its design.  There are some really awesome examples in there!  I love all of the pictures – they’re very techincolor-ish.  I also find that it’s fun to take color palletes from these pictures when you’re working on a project and stumped to come up with a color scheme.  I’d like to show a few examples here – there’s tons (and more coming everyday) of pictures of these midcentury homes and color palettes to go along with it.  I hope you’ll like them as much as I do!

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I know that Tucson, AZ probably doesn’t get a lot of good press, but this is a way hip town.  Filled with retirees and a definite lack of hipsters, it’s like a time capsule of midcentury design.  No one’s bulldozed or taken over anything.   Plenty of awesome 50’s and 60’s buildings still stand, original everything, but sadly they’re not really being utilized.  Ripe for the picking, I say!   You can also tell that it’s a midcentury town because of all the strip malls – there is a downtown area, but mostly this town was built around the car (kinda like LA).

ohmygodtiki-0161We’ve driven past this place a million times and I always thought it was funny, but it was usually in the middle of the day and who wants to go to a bar then?  Too depressing.  Last night, filled with curiosity and with nothing to do, we stopped.

ohmygodtiki-036It was an honest-to-god Tiki Bar.  After asking around a bit, we found out that it had been built in 1962 and hadn’t changed a lick since then.  The drinks, the atmosphere, even the menu, has been exactly the same for the last 50 years.  And let me tell you (other than the fact that I don’t think it had been cleaned since 1962) it was AMAZING.

ohmygodtiki-018We also discovered that if you want anything to drink, it’s a scorpion.  Words cannot describe how potent this drink is.  Rum, gin, brandy and a hint of strawberry.  It was delicious, mind you, but about the size of my skull.

There was even a giant terrarium behind the bar that held a gigantic Nile Monitor Lizard.  When is the last time you went to a bar that had a resident lizard?

Here’s some more awesome pictures, just to give you a taste.




*Update – they have a website!  Learn more at http://www.kontikitucson.com/*

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I love shopping at thrift stores.  There’s so much history and so many stories contained in all of those objects.  Plus, I like discovering items that have been negelcted and undervalued that have some potential – it’s actually one of my favorite thigns on earth.  I’m not going to lie, there have definitely been a few projects that have been started with the best intentions and never quite made it to the finish, but its the one that makes it all the way that makes it all worthwhile.


When I found this sad little guy he was hidden under a thousand other things on a big table.  His legs were wobbly, his doors had fallen out, and he was all scratched up. This is one of the easier renovations I’ve done – a little bit of sanding, some wood glue and clamps, and several cans of awesome-colored paint, and voila!  A happy table.


I needed a bedside table of some sort, and I think this will do the trick!  Now all it needs is an awesome lamp and a stack of books and we will be good to go!

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