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Many of you may have seen Erin Tyner’s work on Etsy. Frequently in a spot on the front page, her works are very unique and identifiable. She approaches photography with a sort of painterly style and a touch of whimsy. Her photographs are like still lifes from a childhood dream long forgotten. She does some work with a macro lens and water droplets that are very impressive in their own right, but the Half Awake series is much more compelling (at least in my opinion). I also like that she is a self-taught photographer; you can tell in the way that she approaches her subjects, it’s very fresh. I can imagine these being stills from a stop motion film or something equally wonderous. Plus, I think that things are more fantastic when they are in miniature – I think that it reminds me of when I was younger and read far too many fantasy books. Anyway. Her prints are also very affordable – an 8×8 print will run you $24. A small price to pay for such wonderful, original art!

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