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fridayfaves-mar13Yay, it’s Friday!  Time to celebrate with some awesome Etsy sellers.

So I love fabulous headwear but I’ve found that I never have the courage to really go above and beyond.  I’m a big hat person, and some people even find that a bit questionable.  However, if I had the occasion and the guts, I would wear something from Emilliner. This particular piece is supposed to be for a bridal ensemble, but I think it could be worn in a number of circumstances.  She has some wonderful, whimsical and sometimes more subtle creations in her shop – I urge you to check it out, for artistic value alone!

I know that everyone’s not a knitter, but I can’t help but share some of my favorite spun creations.  I love Moonrover‘s colors – they remind me of old German fairy tales.  They have wonderful, deep bold colors, and the price is super-reasonable.  One of my favorite things are the cute little hand drawn cards that identify each of the yarns.

OK.  I am trying not to get too excited about this, but I really have a hard time finding sweets that I like and for the most point, I usually avoid them because I’m sure I’ll end up disappointed.  However, Whimsy and Spice seems to be the place to go for interesting and delicious confections.  Who would have thought they could have ever lived without caramel-infused marshmallows?  Or rose and black pepper thumbprints?  Plus, as an extra bonus, they’re all hand made, preservative free and I’m sure, delicious.

I’ve just discovered Coco’s Greenhouse and I really love her stuff!  Whimsical, dainty and feminine, with some awesome color choices and really reasonable prices. I think that her stuff is part Victorian, part cabinet of curiosities.  There’s definitely a nice balance between nature-inspired pieces and luxe materials.

Thanks to this week’s awesome artists!

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The theme of this week’s favorites is Blues and Greens.  Springtime is here (at least for me) and I can’t get over the color combination.  It’s so fresh and fun!

First up is retrofied.  I just bought a moped last weekend and so I’m obsessed with all things 2-wheeled and motorized.  Add a little love of polka dots and stripes and you have one awesome bag.  Roomy, with lots of pockets, this is the perfect bag for someone like me.  Lots of space to hold your junk and keep it organized.  She’s based out of Chicago, and has lots of awesome fabrics and styles of bags – there is definitely something for everyone.

Next is econica.  She has some really elegant designs, simple yet stunning.  This dress is made of bamboo and organic cotton, a combination that I’m sure would feel even better than it looks.  I love the intensity of this green – green in such a hard shade to do right, but I think this would be flattering on a number of skin types.  I love that she uses mostly organic materials but still maintains a feminine, stylish form.

I keep seeing these soaps from amethystsoap pop up all over Etsy, and after taking a closer look I can see why.  They really look like actual polished chunks of turquoise!  They’ve got some all-natural goodies for a little exfoliating action (who couldn’t use that) and I think they would smell terrific.  The rest of the soaps in the shop look like tumbled stones as well – how do they do it?

Last is adventuresofjr.  I’ll make no secret of it – I’m a shmere snob.  Why on earth would you wear anything besides cashmere?  You can find it reasonably priced, if you look, and its just so sinful.  You always want to pet yourself, or you can get someone else to pet you…anyway.  She makes some beautiful, modern and fun accessories out of, you guessed it, cashmere!  I think that I want everything in her shop.  Life’s so short, everything should be soft.  She also sells some of her lovely yarn here.  Her shop is definitely worth a look – an perhaps a small indulgence?

That’s it for the week!  Just a reminder, today is the last day to sign up for my giveaway!  Scroll down and look for it, leave a comment, and you could be the lucky winner of some awesome prizes!

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Here are some of my latest favorites on Etsy. There are so many great sellers on the site, it’s hard to make a choice!

I cannot tell you how much I love handspun yarn. I’m a fiber freak anyways, but the variagated colors and textures seem to be so much more present in handmade yarn! Plus, I love the idea that you can buy something directly from someone who spun it with their own hands, it’s so old fashioned! Mud Creek doesn’t have too much in the shop but what is there is absolutely fabulous.

Eninaj is another one of my absolute favorites. Her pieces look so technical and mechanical, but are made from leather and pearls and silver. It’s the kind of jewelry you could wear with a little black dress and make a huge statement.

Matty8080 continues to be one of my favorite illustrators on Etsy. Not only does he create whimsical/creepy drawings of zombies, strange underwater creatures and funny masks, he’s a very nice person too! His packages always include tons of extras and fun goodies. And we share the same birthday!

EnFinLaVoila might possibly be the only place I will ever go for cards again. Talk about fantastical! Baroque illustrations, a touch of whimsy, and some great color choices combine to make chic, unusual and wonderful cards.

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